Chester market evacuated after 'large amount of chilli fumes'

A market in Chester was evacuated because of the fumes caused by a stall-holder "cooking a large amount of chillies".

Chester Fire Station said in a statement on X on Saturday afternoon: "Emergency services are at Chester Market after reports of customers being affected by fumes.

"This was due to cooking a large amount of chillies and there are no wider public health concerns. The market has been evacuated but we are working to get it back to normal asap."

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service said in a statement: "Firefighters were called to reports of fumes affecting customers in Chester Market.

Five fire engines were sent to the location on Hunter Street in the city centre, the statement said.

The post said: "A cordon was established around the market as a precaution and to help emergency services move unimpeded around the site.

"Four firefighters wearing breathing apparatus conducted a thorough search of the premises but there was no sign of fire or smoke.

"Crews co-ordinated the evacuation of the market while an investigation into the cause of the fumes continued."

The service put the isues down to the cooking of "a quantity of chili oil, vapour from which had entered the ventilation system".

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Commenters on X seemed to see the funny side, as one asked: "Chillies. Really?", while another said "sounds like our kitchen most days of the week".