Chicago Fire boss teases Severide “tension” as Taylor Kinney returns to show

taylor kinney as kelly severide and miranda rae mayo as stella kidd
Chicago Fire boss teases Severide “tension”NBC

Chicago Fire's Kelly Severide is set to face "tension" with wife Stella when he returns to the show.

Actor Taylor Kinney is set to return to the fray in the upcoming 12th season following his temporary break from the series last year.

The last fans saw of Severide, he went to undertake an arson investigation programme, and viewers will meet him again six months later, with an arson case “that’s going to trigger all this tension that’s been sitting between Kidd and Severide”.

taylor kinney as kelly severide and miranda rae mayo as stella kidd

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Speaking to TVLine, showrunner Andrea Newman added: “There’s a whole new dynamic between them.

"It’s kind of obvious within, like, one second of the show starting. They still can’t keep their hands off each other. You can tell they’re still in love, but there’s this new edge to their relationship."

Newman added that the investigation “is going to bring a lot to the fore", and that “we’ll get to explore what they’re going through and what the issues are coming off him taking off for ATF last season".

taylor kinney as kelly severide, chicago fire season 11

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The showrunner also revealed that Joe Cruz has been "affected" by Severide's absence, especially after taking over as the squad leader, and his return will “bring some new change and tension that will have to be worked out for Cruz and Severide to keep working together”.

Newman went on to address whether viewers will see Severide for the duration of the season, teasing: “Severide is definitely front and center this season, that’s what I’ll say.”

Kinney's return to Chicago Fire comes after the departures of Alberto Rosende and Kara Killmer as Blake Gallo and Sylvie Brett.

Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Chicago Med are set to return on January 17, 2024 on NBC and Peacock in the US, and on Sky Witness in the UK.

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