Chicago Fire, Med and PD futures confirmed by NBC

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Chicago Fire, Med and PD futures revealed by NBCNBC

The future of the Chicago franchise has been confirmed by NBC, with Fire, Med and PD all being renewed for further seasons.

As per Deadline, the trio of shows have been renewed for their 13th, 10th and 12th seasons respectively, guaranteeing that the franchise will continue into next year at least.

All three series' returned in January with shorter seasons, with the traditional episode count of 22 being reduced to 13, but it hasn't been confirmed if the same schedule will be in place for future seasons.

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One recent development in Fire saw the departure of Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett, with the paramedic leaving for Portland with husband Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer). The star, who played Sylvie for 10 seasons, explained her exit in a recent interview whilst teasing a possible cameo return.

"I'm certainly excited to see what other projects are out there. It's definitely been so humbling and aspirational to be playing a first responder for this long. I couldn't be happier to have been in this story space, getting to work with real firefighters and paramedics this long.

"If you're going to spend 10 years somewhere, you want to spend it in a place like our show, but I'm very excited to see what else is out there on the horizon. There's a lot of interesting content that's being created right now.

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"I'm very satisfied with where things end up for Sylvie on Fire. I would be more than happy to pop in anytime. [Firehouse] 51 has a unique way of getting itself into trouble, and we love to see familiar faces, and so I'm happy to come back anytime."

Meanwhile, another spinoff for the One Chicago world focused on Lieutenant Kelly Severide was recently discounted by Chicago Fire showrunner Andrea Newman following Taylor Kinney's extended break from the show due to personal reasons.

"We have [considered it] but having lost Severide for a bit [in season 11], it was a reminder of what a critical part of 51 he is," she said.

Chicago Fire, Med and PD air on NBC in the US and Sky Witness in the UK.

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