Has Chicago P.D. Already Found Its Upton Replacement?

With Tracy Spiridakos poised to exit Chicago P.D. as Hailey Upton at the end of this current Season 11, a spot within Intelligence will soon open up.

We don’t yet know how the seasoned detective will depart, or who will replace her, but the show already has a strong candidate.

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Wednesday’s episode featured detective Jo Petrovic (played by Bojana Novakovic) in her third appearance on the Dick Wolf procedural. She was first introduced in Season 11, Episode 7, during which the SVU cop helped the unit take down a serial killer. We learned more about her in Episode 8, with Upton discovering that she was an alcoholic after finding a water bottle filled with liquor. Upton covered for Petrovic, opting not to tell Voight about her addiction struggles, which came back up in this week’s Episode 10 and laid the groundwork for a potential replacement.

The hour saw Intelligence investigate an eight-year-old missing persons case that Petrovic originally worked. When Upton reached out about a new lead — their missing person’s young daughter showing up at District 21 — an obviously inebriated Petrovic rushed to the station and crashed her vehicle on the way there.

Upton then issued an ultimatum to either go to detox or risk being turned in, and Petrovic opted for the first option. But Petrovic broke their deal to continue working this case, caring more about solving it than the risk of losing her job.

In the end, it was Petrovic’s hint that helped Intelligence solve the confounding case, showing her potential with the unit. And after taking a major step forward — checking herself back into rehab at the end of the episode — it seems like the one thing that could hinder her chances of potentially joining the squad is finally being dealt with.

Plus, photos from the upcoming Episode 12, titled “Inventory,” show Petrovic back with Upton, confirming we’ll see her at least once more this season. And while she may not be an official member of Intelligence, she’s really starting to feel like one.

Bojana Novakovic in Chicago P.D. Season 11
Bojana Novakovic in Chicago P.D. Season 11
Bojana Novakovic in Chicago P.D. Season 11
Bojana Novakovic in Chicago P.D. Season 11

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