By George (Washington)! Chicken McNugget ‘resembling first US president’ sells for £5,000 on ebay

A Chicken McNugget said to resemble George Washington has sold for $8,100 [£5,134] on eBay, after a frenzy of interest sparked a bidding war.

The McNugget, sold by Rebekah Speight of Nebraska, US, was almost thrown away three years ago when she was clearing away her three-year-old’s meal at a branch of McDonald’s in Sioux City.

But she stopped short when she suddenly noticed it bore a striking likeness to the very first US President. She then decided to keep the bite-sized chunk in the freezer for three years before choosing to auction it off.

Remarkably, news of the McNugget's sale caught the public's imagination with 44,795 views of the item recorded on eBay.

Ms Speight now plans to use the money to take a group of 50 children to a church summer camp, but would not reveal who the successful bidder was.

Recounting the fast food meal that prompted her to save the nugget and the price it eventually sold for, she told the ‘Sioux City Journal: “Sometimes it's OK if children don't finish.”