Child suffers 'medical episode' on Dartmoor in busy day for rescue teams

A child suffered a "medical episode" on Dartmoor in a busy day for rescue teams. The Ashburton Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team were committed to the annual Templer Way fundraising walk on Sunday (April 28) and were called out to two unrelated incidents.

The first call came at 1.11pm after an adult walking with a party of children reported that one of them suffered a "medical episode" at Crossways, located in the southern part of Dartmoor. The Ashburton crew deployed a Land Rover, with an experienced casualty carer onboard, to the scene and asked the Plymouth Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team to take control of the situation.

The teams quickly arrived at the scene and found the child had recovered. They were able to continue the walk and both rescue crews were stood down.

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Then, at 4.51pm, the Ashburton team were called by paramedics to help evacuate an adult at Hound Tor. The casualty had reportedly fallen and broken their leg.

By this time the Templer Way fundraiser was coming to an end and nine volunteers were deployed from the finish line at Shaldon. They were contacted by police at 5.20pm to advise that the paramedics were able to safely evacuate the casulaty without assistance.

Ashburton Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team said: "On Sunday 28th April, the team were committed with our annual fundraising walk on the Templer Way. We had alerted other Dartmoor Teams so that they were stood by to assist should a callout occur. After an otherwise quiet week, 2 call-out requests arrived during this already busy day."

They added: "Being able to respond to two call-outs without adversely impacting a major fundraising event is testament to the calibre of our organisation, especially the flexibility and adaptability of our fabulous volunteers."