Children and elderly relatives among those believed to be missing in Grenfell Tower inferno

The fire was reported at 1.15am on Wednesday (Picture: Rex)
So far, the blaze has claimed six lives.

The families of residents living in Grenfell Tower are desperately searching for their loved ones after an inferno tore through the housing block in West London this morning.

The London Fire Brigade has confirmed six fatalities, but they warn that the figure is likely to rise.

Grenfell Tower is located in West London (Picture: PA)
Grenfell Tower is located in West London (Picture: PA)

Children are believed to be among the missing, and impassioned pleas have been posted on social media.

These are some of those who are missing.

Mariem Elgwahry

Mariem Elgwahry’s family are desperately searching for her after she last spoke to her mother at 2.30am. She has not been heard from since.

Her friend said: ‘Please let me know if you see Mariem Elgwahry. She was on the 19th floor Grenfell tower. Last someone heard from her was 2.30AM she was with her mum.’

Nura Jamal

Nura Jamal, a mother of three, phoned a friend to say she was afraid for her life as the fire ripped through the tower on Wednesday.

Her daughter is understood to have escaped the building but her two sons are also missing.

Khadija Saye

Tottenham MP David Lammy was among those leading the search for Khadija, hailing her as a ‘beautiful soul’.

Her mother is also missing.

Ali Yawar Jafari

Ali Yawar Jafari, 82, has not been seen since the early hours of the morning as his family escaped the blaze.

His son, Hamid Ali Jafari, said: “He was with my mother and sister in the lift and she said the lift stopped on the tenth floor and he said there was too much smoke and he couldn’t breathe and he got out of the lift and then the doors shut and it didn’t stop again till the ground floor.”

Nadia Choucair

Teaching assistant Nadia Choucair is missing after phoning a friend as the fire was blazing. Her daughter said her mother didn’t think she would make it.

A fellow resident said Nadia lived on one of the top floors of the building with her three daughters and mother in law.

Jessica Urbano

Jessica Urbano’s family have reported that she is missing.

Her aunt, Sandra, wrote on social media: ‘If anyone sees Jessica she should come to The Harrow Centre where the family are waiting for her. Or speak to any police officer to guide her.’

It is believed that Jessica may have been spotted getting into an ambulance.

Saber Neda

Saber Neda lived in a top floor flat and reportedly stayed behind while his wife and son fled because he was ‘injured’.

While wife Shakila, 45, and son Farhad, 24, fled the blaze, and he has not been heard from since 2.20am when he made a phone call saying there was ‘no help’.

Zainab Dean

Francis Dean is trying to trace his sister Zainab. She stayed in her 14th floor flat according to instructions from fire fighters.

He told The Telegraph: “My sister called me to say there was a fire in the tower. I told her to leave by the stairs but she said she had been told to stay inside her flat. That was in the early hours of today and I’ve not heard from her since. I fear the worst.”