'Chimney Tree' Glows Red Inside After Bushfire

As bushfires hit New South Wales throughout October and into November, the team at Bio Logic Tree Services in Corndale has been kept busy, with forests heavily hit by the flames.

While working on “hazardous trees” damaged during the Busbys Flat Fire on October 12, one of the company’s arborists, Benjamin Garland, captured footage showing how the bushfire left one tree a hollowed-out, smoldering shell of its former self.

Calling it a “chimney tree”, the company posted footage of Garland’s find to Instagram on November 12.

“At the end of the day on the way home, I spotted the tree burning on the inside and stopped to investigate,” Garland told Storyful. “I estimate the tree had been burning for a few days and after returning at later date the fire had gone out and only a thin outer shell of the tree was left,” he said.

On November 15, firefighters in New South Wales were still dealing with widespread fires in the state. A statement from the News South Wales Rural Fire Service said that on November 16, “more than 130 brigades” would open their doors “to chat with residents about their local risk, property preparation and making a plan,” for the rest of the fire season. Credit: Benjamin Garland via Storyful