China’s ‘387mph floating train’: Tech & Science Daily podcast

 (Beijing Youth Daily)
(Beijing Youth Daily)

A train operator in China claims to have reached a record top speed for railways - and there’s plans for it to go faster than a plane.

The T-Flight reportedly hit 387mph on a short stretch of test track, which beats Japan’s MLX01 Maglev - currently the fastest such train - by 26mph.

By using a system of magnets to ‘levitate’ carriages instead of sitting directly on the rails, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation reckons they can hit an optimistic 1,243mph on a hyperloop track.

The uncomplicated, very analogue world of Paddington Bear is being catapulted into the digital realm with a new “immersive experience” in London.

Tech & Science Daily hears from David Hutchinson, CEO of the Path Entertainment Group, which is staging the show at London’s County Hall.

David explains the technology involved in the event, the chance of meeting Paddington himself, and why this is different to the viral AI Wonka event.

Could there be one final act for Nasa and Intuitive Machines’ toppled-over Odysseus, which is currently marooned on the moon?

There’s a plan to power down the probe through the fortnight-long ‘lunar night’, as temperatures plunge to a bracing minus 150 Celsius, with hopes it can be rebooted afterwards.

Research by Imperial College London reveals more than one billion people worldwide are obese.

It comes as a survey by the three Royal Colleges of Physicians finds doctors report a rise in patients seeking help with health conditions due to mouldy homes, pollution and unemployment.

Plus, hear how a groom wore Apple’s Vision Pro headset to his San Francisco wedding.

Twenty-four-year-old software engineer Jacob Wright, who works at AI startup Runpod, was an early adopter of the $3,500 goggles.

Wright left his new bit of tech in the car for the marriage ceremony, but donned the VR headset at the reception to snap guests and dancing with his understanding wife, Cambree.

More than 2,500 grey seals have communed on a Norfolk beach to moult their winter fur and get new coats ready for spring-summer ‘24.

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