China accused of under-reporting Covid cases and deaths

In China, there are fears not just of a Covid wave but maybe a tsunami. Funeral parlours are overwhelmed and hospitals are packed with elderly patients on respirators. This comes after the lifting of China's zero-Covid restrictions following protests. The World Health Organization, meanwhile, is pointing the finger, saying China's official virus data is being under-reported.

Also this week, India's Supreme Court began hearing arguments in favour of same-sex marriage filed by couples who say they have been denied their fundamental rights. The case is seen as a test for the conservative government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which has opposed the measure. Five years ago, the court decriminalised homosexuality but members of the LGBT community still complain about discrimination. Our team on the ground reports.

Finally, the new year began in Afghanistan with yet another set of restrictions for women. In the last two weeks of December, the Taliban issued two controversial edicts: one banning women from universities and another banning them from working in NGOs. These moves have sparked not just condemnations from the international community, but also mounting opposition inside the country and within Taliban ranks. Leela Jacinto, a reporter and senior editor from our internet team, tells us more.

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