China coronavirus death toll rises to 722 with 34,546 cases

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The death toll in the coronavirus outbreak in mainland China has risen to 722, while new cases jumped to 34,546.

China’s ruling Communist Party faced public anger and recrimination over the death of a doctor who was threatened by the authorities after trying to sound the alarm about the new coronavirus in December.

President Xi Jinping spoke with President Donald Trump and urged the US to “respond reasonably” to the outbreak, echoing complaints that some countries are overreacting by restricting Chinese travellers.

Meanwhile, cruise ship passengers faced more difficulties as Japan reported 41 new cases, including one Briton, on one quarantined vessel and turned away another.

Japan China Outbreak
The cruise ship Diamond Princess is docked at Yokohama Port (Sadayuki Goto/Kyodo News via AP)

About 3,700 people have been confined aboard the Diamond Princess at Yokohama Port.

The British passenger is Alan Steele, from Wolverhampton, who posted on social media that he had been diagnosed with the virus.

Mr Steele, who is believed to be on his honeymoon, posted on Facebook that he was not showing any symptoms but was being taken to a hospital.

He added: “Just to let you all know I have been diagnosed as having the virus and am being shipped to hospital.

“Would also like to say that at the moment I am not showing any symptoms so just possible a carrier.

“Will let you know how I am going on when possible.”

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