Chinese Girl, Four, Drives Along Motorway

Video footage of a young girl driving a car along a busy motorway has been posted on the internet.

The tiny motorist gripping the wheel as she negotiates the traffic is believed to be just four years old.

Her parents apparently allowed her to drive along the road in Jinal, Shandong Province, China, filming her from the back seat of the car.

In the video, posted on YouTube by user wangdazhi712, the child called Jia Zheng by a man in the vehicle believed to be her father, can be seen calmly overtaking other cars.

After a couple of minutes the man is heard apparently saying: "Jia Zheng, stop the car. Let daddy drive."

Once the car is pulled over, the man gets out, walks around to the driver's side and gets behind the wheel as the girl moves onto the back seat.

He is seen removing some sort of implement from the driver's footwell that appears to have been used by the girl to operate the pedals.