Chinese mom who livestreams her son doing homework gets ‘surprising’ results


A mother in China, who livestreams her 9-year-old son’s homework sessions on Douyin, said the results of her child’s work ethic had been “surprising.”

The results: The mother from China’s Sichuan province, identified as Zhang, said the livestream allows viewers to monitor and encourage her son’s studies, with over 900 people watching on Jan. 6 alone. The approach, which Zhang began in the first week of this year, has reportedly led to the boy finishing his homework two to three times faster than usual as he no longer engaged in behaviors like fiddling with his eraser while studying.

Mother’s benefits: Zhang mentioned that the livestreaming placed her son under the watch of numerous viewers, relieving her of the responsibility of overseeing him while managing household chores and taking care of her other child, who is 3 years old.

Reactions: Following Douyin's policy on children, only the boy’s hands and work are visible on camera. Zhang's system has been praised by some parents for its creativity and time-saving benefits. However, other viewers expressed concerns about the child living under constant surveillance and missing out on the enjoyment of childhood.

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China’s academic pressures: The viral story reflects the academic pressure on Chinese students. There has reportedly been a rise in the popularity of structured online supervisors and study rooms for academic success. On these platforms, students can choose between dedicated one-on-one services or virtual group sessions that provide company during study sessions and issue warnings if their concentration levels decline. The system is particularly favored among university students aiming to enhance their competitiveness in the job market by preparing for postgraduate exams and certificates.

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