Chloe Madeley Hits Back At Body-Shaming Troll Who Called Her 'Unfeminine'

Chloe Madeley is no stranger to falling victim to cruel online trolls who love to bodyshame her for her rippling muscles and seriously impressive physique.

The daughter of Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan has created an entire business empire from her perfectly honed body and loves to show it off all over Instagram.

And to be honest, who could blame her? If we had that level of dedication we’d be pretty bloomin’ proud of it too.

However, the star has once again been forced to hit back at body critics, with Chloe understandably taking offence when one of her followers dubbed her body “unfeminine.”

Commenting on a photo of Chloe’s seriously impressive six-pack, the user wrote: “Disgusting! - there’s nothing feminine about that!!!”

In response, Chlo called the user, @jojo_haf, out in a rather public manner, first of all leaving a comment of her own and then screenshotting it and posting it to her page so all 86,000 of her followers can see.

The star wrote: “@jojo_haf what’s disgusting is not my body, or any human body for that matter - fat, thin, muscley, curvy, size 6-16, none of the above are disgusting.

"What’s disgusting is your brain that has been brainwashed into thinking anything other than ‘feminine’ is disgusting.

"What’s disgusting is your mouth/ hands for saying it/ typing it out loud to women. What’s disgusting is your ego, for presuming that you know what 'feminine’ is. What women should and shouldn’t look like.

"Imagine if I came to your page and started calling you disgusting. I would never do that. Because as 'disgusting’ as you might think I look on the outside, my character is warm and compassionate and supportive of all, especially women.

"The same cannot be said for you, I’m afraid. Conclusion? I win. You lose. Now get the f*ck off my page with your negative bullsh*t opinion that nobody gives a flying f*ck about.

"Bye by. Off you f*ck.”


And Chloe wasn’t done there, captioning the screenshot with: “And here I was thinking in 2016 women were all about supporting varied appearances, goals, careers, passions and choices. Silly me.

"Let me guess, freedom of speech? Just a different opinion? I wonder if racists and homophobes hide their hate behind the same excuses? Probably. #SuckyTrollB*tches”

Chloe was quickly inundated with supportive messages from her followers and the troll account in question, unsurprisingly, decided to make their page private.

Lesson learned? It’s never cool to bodyshame anybody - on the Internet or otherwise.