Chloe Madeley says split from husband James Haskell has been 'positive'

The pair have remained good friends and are continuing to co-parent their daughter

Chloe Madeley and James Haskell split last year. (Getty)
Chloe Madeley and James Haskell split last year. (Getty)

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Chloe Madeley has said while she went through a “really tough” time that she said “broke me a bit”, the end of her marriage has actually been “positive”.

The star and rugby ace James Haskell split in September 2023 after five years of marriage, saying in statements that it was a mutual decision and that they would be focusing on co-parenting their one-year-old daughter Bodhi.

During an appearance on ITV’s Loose Women, Madeley - whose parents are TV legends Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan - said that after they decided to split they have both felt “really free and happy”.

What, how, and why?

"Automatically when you tell somebody that your marriage has ended or stopped working, everybody always thinks that it’s a negative thing," she said. "And I know that I’m probably in the minority here, maybe I’m not, but for me it’s a really positive thing."

Chloe Madeley on Loose Women. (ITV)
Chloe Madeley on Loose Women. (ITV)

She went on: "The really hard part of everything that James and I went through was actually over the summer and that was the thing that I really struggled with, I was filming and obviously I have a full time job as it is as an online coach and an author and everything, and it was really tough and it kind of broke me a bit.

"But once we made the decision and we drew a line under it, it was done. I have felt since that moment, I think both of us have, really free and happy."

The star said there had been “horrible horrible horrible weeks where I struggled to get out of bed” but added: “Like I said, when I drew the line in the sand, I drew the line in the sand.”

What else did Chloe Madeley say?

Madeley also addressed what happened in her and Haskell's relationship, saying: "If you think of a relationship, you have pillars in place that keep your relationship up, whether that’s respect or kind of affection or trust, all these things.

"All of our pillars, over time, it didn’t just happen, over time they kind of disintegrated and I think when that happens there is no rebuilding."

Chloe Madeley and James Haskell are co-parenting their daughter. (ITV screengrab)
Chloe Madeley and James Haskell are co-parenting their daughter. (ITV screengrab)

However, she said they remain "great friends" and that Haskell is "the most incredible dad". "We are co-parenting phenomenally well," she said.

"We get on better now that we are not romantically together. I am happier now than I have ever been and I really wish people would stop writing online that that’s a dig at James, it’s not, he’s happy too. Can we just stop painting so much drama on it."

Talking about the possibility of either of them introducing new love interests in the future, she said right now because of their daughter the rule was "forever people only".

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