As The Chosen Season 4 Awaits a TV/Streaming Home, EP Teases Plan for Season 6 to Cover ‘One Day’

If you were hoping to find out by Easter Sunday when (or at least if) The Chosen Season 4 will start airing or streaming somewhere, expect to get a lump of coal in your Easter basket.

As series EP Dallas Jenkins recently revealed in a YouTube video (above), a non-theatrical release for Season 4 has encountered a “delay longer than we anticipated and hoped for,” due to unspecified “legal matters that are hopefully being resolved.”

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In the meantime, all eight episodes of Season 4 of the Jesus drama continue to be available in select theaters, at least through March 30.

The CW, which streamed Seasons 1 through 3 back-to-back-to-back last summer through Christmas Eve, as of last Friday had announced no plans to host Season 4. Nor has a date been even hinted at for Netflix or other past partners — or The Chosen app itself — to stream the new season.

Kyle Young, EVP, Global Revenue and Marketing for The Chosen, told our sister site Variety there’s no timetable yet for when Season 4 might land on broadcast and/or streaming, and that there are talks about making future seasons exclusive to one outlet.

As for what tales the series has left to tell during its planned seven-season run: Seeing as Season 4 left off during Holy Week before the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Jenkins told Variety that Season 5 — which begins filming in April — will “try to portray the most famous week in the history of humans.”

The entirety of Season 6, meanwhile, “will cover one day” in the life(/death?/resurrection?) of Jesus, Jenkins teased.

Have you hit the Cineplex yet to binge The Chosen Season 4? And what “one day” do you think Season 6 will chronicle?

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