Chris Fountain complains he was 'chopped from history' in 'Dancing On Ice' best bits show

Chris Fountain attends the National Television Awards at the O2 Arena on January 26, 2011 in London, England.
Chris Fountain has complained about not getting enough air time a Dancing On Ice compilation show. (Getty)

Chris Fountain has made a bitter complaint about not getting enough air time during a Dancing On Ice best bits show.

The former Hollyoaks and Coronation Street actor was runner-up in the third series of the skating show in 2008 to Suzanne Shaw and also took part in two of the live tours.

But when Dancing On Ice: The Greatest Show On Ice aired in place of Sunday's live show featuring some of the programme's best moments, he claimed he had been "chopped from history".

Hollyoaks actor Chris Fountain dances with partner Frankie Poultney, in practice ahead of Dancing On Ice, which airs on ITV, at the Natural History Museum, London.   (Photo by Joel Ryan - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images)
Chris Fountain skated with partner Frankie Poultney. (Joel Ryan – PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images)

Fountain posted a lengthy statement of his thoughts on Twitter, saying that people still stopped him in the street to talk about his Cry Me A River and Time Warp routines.

The actor, who lists himself in his Twitter bio as "Former figure skater", wrote: "So, unfortunately hardly [any] of my best bits were shown on the Dancing On Ice best bits show this evening.

"Kind of expected it but can't say that I'm not disappointed as I gave a hell of a lot to that show, coming second with my partner Frankie in 2008 and then continuing to win UK tours of the live show.

"I had some of the best times of my life while being a part of Dancing on Ice and the tours that followed, learning more and more about skating from the wonderful professionals and having tonnes of fun during the process.

"I always had such amazing support from fans of DOI for which I will always be incredibly grateful. Team Fountain was born through my family, friends and the public."

Listing his accomplishments, he continued: "I always tried to wow the audiences with my routines, being the first celebrity to attempt an axel, lifts like the flambo, wraparound and helicopter and my scratch spin which, even after 12 years, is yet to be matched. People still stop me in the street about the 'Cry Me a River' and 'Time Warp' routines!

"These are times that will stay with me forever so I'm very grateful for them and even though it's unfortunate to almost be chopped from the memory of the show's history, I know, and the fans of the show know that I was there. And, for that, I am extremely proud.

"My routines don't have to be in the 'best bits' show to remember what I achieved but it would've been nice to see them and reminisce!

"Thank you to everyone sending lovely messages tonight and thanks to Frankie for being the most amazing original partner and to Brianne for being a fantastic partner on tour!

Good luck to the contestants this year and love to everyone involved in the show, both in front of and especially behind the camera. Chris x.”

Fountain then went on to post some clips of his own best bits to make up for the lack of TV coverage.

Sunday night's live show had to be replaced as so many of this year's contestants have dropped out through either testing positive for coronavirus or injury that bosses decided to take a week off.

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