Chris Heck makes Holte End point as he predicts future of Villa Park

The iconic Holte End at Villa Park.
Unique... the iconic Holte End at Villa Park. -Credit:Andrew Kearns

As other clubs consider moving to new stadia and grandiose ‘sports quarters’, Aston Villa business chief Chris Heck has made a clear statement about the future of Villa Park.

Birmingham City, recently relegated to League One, have unveiled plans to build a new “world class” stadium after buying a 48-acre site in the east of the city.

But in an interview with club hero Gabby Agbonlahor, Heck discusses the Holte End and Villa’s home since 1897, declaring: “I love this place. I don't think we should ever leave. Villa Park is iconic. It's unique, and we can make it better.

“This is our home and I think it's the greatest home field advantage in the Premier League, so the plans are to stay at Villa Park.”

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However, Villa Park is being upgraded, and the president of Villa’s business operations said construction work was already underway, even though Villa have yet to play their final game of the Premier League season.

He explained: “We are going to do a little bit of work. We are going to put in rail seating and we're going to put in new seats, but we are not going to change any of the banners or anything else, other than just cleaning things up a little bit.

“Over the next two summers, we are going to continue to clean it up and reimagine all of our premium seating. We are working on a concert venue that is for pre- and post-game, and we're going to have an entertainment zone. You'll also have a new superstore. That’s the vision.”

Pressed again by Agbonlahor on the future of Villa Park, Heck added: “I have spent time watching the Holte End every single game and it is truly extraordinary. What they bring to Villa Park makes this place so unique and so special, and what I've learned is that you know leave it alone.

“So we haven’t had that conversation [about moving]. There is nothing planned, and I don't expect to see it in my lifetime.”

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