Chris Pratt Posted A Wild Avengers: Endgame BTS Video To Celebrate The Movie Turning 5, And Boy Has The Time Flown

 Chris pratt in guardians of the galaxy vol 2.
Chris pratt in guardians of the galaxy vol 2.

It's hard to believe it has already been half a decade since Avengers: Endgame stormed theaters, shattering box office records, becoming the highest-grossing Marvel movie to date, and leaving an indelible mark on the genre of superhero movies. In a nostalgic nod to this milestone, Star Lord actor Chris Pratt has dropped a once-forbidden behind-the-scenes (BTS) video from the blockbuster film set. Boy, how time has flown.

The 22nd entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe staged a climactic battle that featured nearly all the major heroes from earlier films. The end of Avengers: Endgame was powerful, leaving almost everyone in the audience in tears. However, a recent video shared by Chris on his his Instagram reveals a more relaxed atmosphere during filming, as seen in the clip below.

Along with the video was a caption from the upcoming feature, The Garfield Movie. Pratt wrote:

Safe to say this video isn’t illegal anymore, because how has it been 5 years since [Avengers] Endgame was released?! Crazy looking back at that time with some of the greatest cast and crew makes me so thankful to be part of the Avengers universe!

In the BTS video the Guardians of the Galaxy star just dropped, we get an all-access, no-filter peek at how the big guns of the MCU rolled up their sleeves (and ditched the superhero suits) to dive into rehearsals for what might just be the most epic throwdown in movie history. As the clip winds down, there’s a killer moment where Sean Gunn, who doubles as the mo-cap performer for Rocket the Raccoon and everyone's favorite Ravager, Kraglin, cracks a joke:

I think I’m the most famous person here.

This laid-back vibe is pure gold, showing a lighter side to the usually intense atmosphere of such a massive action movie production. In a particularly golden moment, Pratt flips the camera on himself and quips, "This is a really illegal video," just as Chris Evans chimes in with a teasing remark about getting into trouble.

This light-hearted exchange offers a cheeky peek into the secretive world of Marvel Studios, where strict NDAs notoriously gagged the cast during production. The Parks and Recreation veteran's breezy commentary on the video's once-forbidden status is a nod to the cloak-and-dagger extremes the actors humorously endured to keep plot details under wraps, providing fans with a delightful glimpse behind the curtain of one of Hollywood's tightest ships. Of course, time has passed now, so the video is safe to share, though it's still hard to believe we're talking about the five-year anniversary.

Marvel enthusiasts are in for a real treat with this video. Whether it's Dave Bautista sporting his full Drax makeup or Chris Evans kicking it in casual sweats, the footage serves up a star-studded feast for the eyes, reminding us all why the MCU has captured the imaginations of so many. It serves as a vivid reminder of what makes the MCU so enchanting: the undeniable charisma of its ensemble cast.

The timing of the video's release couldn't be more poignant as Endgame hits its fifth anniversary. The film was a milestone, wrapping up major story arcs and setting the stage for new adventures. It’s a nostalgic nod to what many consider the golden era of the MCU, especially as the franchise has navigated some choppy waters lately, with recent entries struggling to match the momentum of its earlier successes. However, the buzz around the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine suggests a promising reset. The fantastic second trailer has fans buzzing, and it seems Kevin Feige and his team are poised to right the ship at the House of Ideas.

As we look ahead to the 2024 movie schedule, Chris Pratt's name isn’t tied to any upcoming Marvel movies—unless he pulls off a surprise appearance in Deadpool 3. Instead, the Mario voice actor is venturing into new territory, voicing the world's most beloved lasagna-eating cat in The Garfield Movie, set for a May 24 release.