Chris Pratt reveals parenting advice Maria Shriver gave him

Chris Pratt has revealed the parenting advice he was given by his mother-in-law Maria Shriver.

The actor revealed his mother-in-law told him how not to "ruin" his celebrity offspring, having successfully raised his wife and her siblings.

Chris explained he asked Maria, 68, how she and Arnold Schwarzenegger managed to raise his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger, 34, and her siblings Christina, 32, Patrick, 30, and Christopher, 26 as "amazing" people despite their growing up in the public eye.

"Oh my gosh, I mean, she's like a living saint," Chris, 44, told the Today show. "I feel that, and she's funny and accessible and brilliant."

He went on to explain Maria continued to be a positive influence in her grown-up children's lives.

"She's so involved in the lives of her children," Chris noted. "She's raised four - she and Arnold have raised four amazing kids, and that's not always an easy thing to do."

He pointed out the fact children of wealthy and well-connected parents don't always grow up into high-functioning adults.

"You see people in Hollywood or people who've got like a lot of privilege, and they end up raising kinda rotten kids," Chris bluntly said.

Chris explained he hoped to follow in Maria's footsteps when it comes to raising his own children - he and Katherine share daughters Lyla, three, and Eloise, two. He co-parents his son Jack, 11, with his ex-wife Anna Faris.

"I think she holds them accountable. You know, when Maria walks in the room, you stand up," he said, adding, "(She is) big on manners and she's big on accountability and she's deeply rooted in her faith, and these are all things that I definitely wanna take and implement in the rearing of our children."