Chris Stein unlikely to play with Blondie again

Chris Stein is unlikely to play live with Blondie again credit:Bang Showbiz
Chris Stein is unlikely to play live with Blondie again credit:Bang Showbiz

Blondie's Chris Stein doesn't think he'll play live with the group again.

The 74-year-old guitarist has just finished work on a new album, but he won't be joining fellow founder member Debbie Harry and the rest of the group on the road in support of the record because his health isn't up to the demands of travel anymore.

He told The Observer newspaper: “After 50 years and all my health issues, I live a little more sedentary now.

“Just doing the hotels and the airplanes is hard. And I’ve got a f****** heart condition and I’m at the tail end of dealing with prostate cancer, so I just thought, ‘F***it,’ you know?

“Maybe I should have drunk more like Keith [Richards]. I don’t know how those guys do it, but more power to them.”

Chris was left devastated last year when his and wife Barbara Sicuranza's daughter Akira died from an accidental overdose aged 19, and he's worried his own tales of taking drugs were "misconstrued" by his offspring, rather than being taken as a warning.

He wrote in his new memoir 'Under a Rock': “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with, and am dealing with.

“I thought that I presented my own drug experiences in a negative light to our kids, but I’m racked with guilt that any discussions might have been misconstrued.”

But the 'Rapture' musician is unsure if he could have changed his own path.

He said: "I don’t know if it would have been easy to do anything differently."

Blondie disbanded in 1982 before reforming in 1997, and Chris admitted his own drug abuse contributed to the split, as well as the pressure of being expected to produce an album every year and go on tour to promote the record.

He said: “It was hard to keep up. That’s why everybody self-imploded after a while in the early 80s.

"It was tremendous amounts of pressure. And just our own weaknesses, and all the drug abuse. For me, anyway.”

After the group split, Chris and Debbie retained their romantic relationship but they eventually split when both sought treatment in rehab for their respective addictions.

The guitarist reflected: ““I am always like the boy who stood on the burning deck.

“I’m a fan of chaos, I like it. But I guess, inevitably, there’s parts of you that get befuddled by too much chaos. I think it took its toll, but it’s not something I’m against.”