Chris Sutton sparks Celtic hilarity at the Hydro as Kenny Miller made butt of the joke

Celtic icon Chris Sutton couldn't resist a jab aimed at Kenny Miller as the Rangers hero paid the price for his on-air Sky Sports meltdown which left 11,000 Hoops fanatics in hysterics.

The legendary Parkhead striker, and the majority of the watching world, had been left miffed by Miller's claim that John Lundstram should only have been yellow carded for his lunge on Alistair Johnston. And Sutton served up what the crowd wanted at Celtic's glitzy player of the year award which saw Matt O'Riley and Caitlin Hayes. The Englishman – speaking to Parkhead punters at the sold-out event – joked: "Can I also congratulate Kenny Miller? For his unique piece of punditry that no one else in the universe agreed with."

Miller was emphatic live on air and even stronger in his punchy column over his stance. He said: "I know lots of people disagree with me and there were no shortage of them among my fellow pundits on Sky Sports when I made it clear I didn’t think John Lundstram should have been sent off for his challenge on Alistair Johnston.

"But I’m not going to change my mind or back down. When you slow it down, see the point of contact and throw crazy words like ‘endangering an opponent’ or ‘speed’, it really grates on me. Players have to run fast.

"The still pictures are the thing that really infuriates me with VAR. They can make any incident look worse. Football is still a contact sport and sometimes there are going to be mis-timed tackles. Unfortunately we are now dealing with people in charge of VAR who don’t appreciate or understand that."