Chrissy Teigen 'needs to ice the hooha' after awkward zipline moment

Chrissy Teigen has joked she needs to "ice the hooha" after wearing the wrong outfit for a zipline adventure.

The 38-year-old model and mother of four - who has kids Luna, eight, Miles, six, Esti Maxine, 17 months, and Wren Alexander, 11 months, with husband John Legend - enjoyed a family outing to Mexico's luxury Punta Mita resort over the weekend, and the couple were joined by their eldest children on a zipline down a hillside.

Alongside a video of herself in the harness, Chrissy wrote on Instagram: "The kids finally got to live out their dreams of a zipline longer than the one at sky zone!

"Did 10 of these lengths all down the mountain!

"One tip: try not to wear denim daisy dukes. seems obvious I know but I didn't think I'd actually do it! will be icing the hooha tonight."

As well as wanted to help their children make the most of the great outdoors, Chrissy recently admitted technology has been a "really wonderful addition" to parenting.

She told People: “We do a lot of learning apps for [the kids] that we think are great.”

Chrissy said her girl Luna is learning Spanish on Duolingo, and admitted she and John have no problem with their children enjoying "a little downtime" after a busy week.

She added: “We’re finding it to be a really wonderful addition to the other things she gets to do. And yeah, it’s technology, but it’s really wonderful for her.

“Honestly, I’m all for technology. I know a lot of people have big reactions to iPad time or TV time and things like that.

“Kids do so many different activities, especially during the school year.

“They’re so busy doing activities during the week that we don’t mind them having a little downtime on the weekends.”

Chrissy added son Miles’ current interest in the online game ‘Roblox’ gives her another way for her to connect with the boy.

She said: “He just kind of discovered that world, and I find it to be really interesting because I grew up gaming.

“I still game. I still have my Nintendo Switch... I grew up being online and I grew up with a lot of games, so I don’t mind them having fun with things like that too.”