Chrissy Teigen wants to protect her children from cyberbullying

Chrissy Teigen has revealed she wants to protect her children from cyberbullying.

The TV personality wants to keep her kids off social media until they've finished high school.

Chrissy, 38, explained she believes social media platforms are too unregulated for children to safely engage with them.

"Unless there are more rules and regulations in place, I would prefer for them not to be on social," she said at this week's Digital Parenthood Summit in New York City.

"I want them to be safe and happy and flourishing as kids."

Chrissy, who shares Luna, eight, Miles, six, Esti, one, and Wren, eleven months, with her husband John Legend, acknowledged she has not kept her children's faces out of her own social media accounts.

"I do share them a lot, because, in so much of my life, I feel like people don't understand me. But being a mom is where a lot of people understand me," Chrissy said.

"I love getting to have this community online here to get to share the ups and downs and people get to see it all."

She added she strictly limits her children's screen time.

"There's a tight timeframe," Chrissy said. "Maybe an hour on the weekends."