Christianity Today Editor Rips Republicans For Lacking 'Moral Vision' In Abortion Stances

Russell Moore, the editor-in-chief of leading evangelical magazine Christianity Today, on Friday knocked some Republicans who “seem to be acting as though they’re pro-life with three exceptions” to their anti-abortion stances.

Those exceptions? “Rape, incest and declining poll numbers,” Moore told CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

“And that’s not a compelling moral vision to persuade the hearts and minds of people,” he added.

The comments from Moore, who described himself as “pro-life and anti-Trump,” arrive after former President Donald Trump recently said that he wouldn’t sign a national abortion ban and that he’d leave abortion rights up to the states if he returns to the Oval Office.

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee, in other remarks this week, also said that the Arizona Supreme Court went too far after it ruled that a 160-year-old law criminalizing nearly all abortions can be enforced.

He previously criticized Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) for signing into law a six-week abortion ban in his state last year, describing it as a “terrible mistake.” A recent ruling by the Florida Supreme Court will allow the ban to go into effect in May.

GOP candidates have altered how they discuss abortion on the 2024 campaign trail, downplaying past anti-abortion stances as abortion rights measures see success in states where the issue is on the ballot.

Moore, when asked what evangelical voters would think of how Trump is positioning himself on abortion, said that he’s confused by the former president’s rhetoric.

“I think he’s trying to make this intentionally murky,” Moore said. “The problem is that a pro-life vision requires a moral vision, requires persuasion as to why every human life is valuable. And that requires a particular view of human dignity, of vulnerability. And we don’t have that here.

“Especially when you look at the Kari Lake Senate ad, it sounded exactly like a Planned Parenthood super PAC ad for pro-choice candidates.”

Lake, a Republican Senate candidate who described the Arizona Supreme Court’s abortion ruling as “out of line with where the people of this state are,” had previously referred to the 160-year-old law as “great” in 2022.