Christie Brinkley doesn't want to look 'waxy' as she ages

Christie Brinkley admits she has "accepted certain wrinkles" as she ages.

The model, who turns 70 on 2 February, has revealed she's happy with most of the lines on her face as she gets older.

"I want to accept certain wrinkles," she told People magazine. "That's the way I'm approaching ageing."

She added, "Sometimes when people get older, and they overdo it, they can look waxy and - I don't know what the word is - preserved or something. I want a little life to show on my face, you know?"

She admitted she has had Botox but now prefers to have resurfacing Fraxel treatments twice a year to help with sun damage.

The former Sports Illustrated cover star also revealed that she's not considering retiring any time soon. She launched Bellissima, a certified organic sparkling and zero-sugar wine brand in 2016, and is also collaborating with Xcel Brands Inc. for the spring launch of lifestyle and apparel brand TWRHLL.

“I am so grateful every day when I get to go to work,” she said. “It helps keep me feeling current. I want to keep on charging ahead and having lots of dreams and chasing them and following them and living them.”