Christina Applegate opens up about anorexia struggle

Christina Applegate has opened up about her past battle with anorexia for the first time.

The 52-year-old Hollywood star has shared that her battle with the eating disorder began when she was a teenage actress appearing as Kelly Bundy on Married... With Children.

Opening up about her health battle on her MeSsy Podcast, Christina said, "I just deprived myself of food for years and years and years. It was f**king torture."

Christina claimed her mother put her in Weight Watchers when she was 15-years-old and was "competitive" against her.

She said, "She was always competitive. If I got down to 110 (pounds), she'd be like... 'How'd you do it?' And the reason was, I had an eating disorder.

"I would eat five almonds in a day. And if I had six, I would cry and I wouldn't want to leave the house. And that stuck with me for years and years and years."

The Dead to Me actress hinted the revealing costumes she wore on the sitcom added to her anorexia, saying, "I wanted my bones to be sticking out, so I didn't eat."

"It was very scary to everyone on set because they were like, 'Christina never eats,'" she continued. "They talked to me about it... But to me, I was enormous."

Christina's podcast co-host, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, said appearing on TV had a similar impact on her.

The 42-year-old actress said she would compulsively exercise after eating after she saw herself in the pilot episode of The Sopranos which aired from 1999 to 2007.

She drastically lost weight in the year between the pilot filming and the show being picked up to season and her weight change almost cost her the job.

"They almost fired me because of how thin I was...," she admitted. "They were like, 'whoa, no, no, no, no, no!' The show was so supportive and loving and they just wanted me healthy."