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Winter Wonderland

This home in Gateshead has been decked out in lavish lights every year for the past 21 Christmases. (PA).

It's Christmas! Behold Britain's most festive homes where owners didn't hold back on decorations

Will Metcalfe

Are these Britain’s most festive homes?

From Gateshead to Cambridgeshire the country is gearing up for Christmas with thousands of lights transforming your average street into a winter wonderland.

We’ve all got the neighbour, or two, who goes above and beyond to light up December, but take a look through our gallery to see homes the length of the country that clearly take Christmas that bit more seriously.

From the road in Burnham-on-sea, Somerset, which has been dubbed ‘Britain’s most festive street’ to streets in Bristol and Gateshead, these pictures prove Britons aren’t afraid to dazzle their neighbours with their love of Christmas.