Ciara's pregnancy photo sparks controversy

Back in October, Ciara confirmed that she is expecting a child with her husband, Russell William, with the star already mum to two-year-old son Future with her ex-fiance, also called Future.

The star’s fans were understandably thrilled for the star, however, her latest pregnancy photoshoot with Harper’s Bazaar has sparked controversy and divided fans.

Is this photo inappropriate?
Is this photo inappropriate?

In the arty black and white image, Ciara is only wearing a pair of underpants and is holding her naked son in her arms, resting him on her growing baby bump.

Russell can also be seen crouching behind Ciara, also nude, and his face obscured.

The singer captioned the family portrait with: “Just the 4 of us”.

But it wasn’t long before she was inundated with negative comments from her 15.4million followers, with many arguing that the shoot was “inappropriate”.

Fans questioned if Ciara got her ex’s permission before sharing the pic with his son.
Fans questioned if Ciara got her ex’s permission before sharing the pic with his son.

Some also argued that it wasn’t fair for Ciara to post a family portrait with Future’s stepdad, asking if she’d asked his biological father first.

One commented: “This sh*t is disturbing… Little Future is going to hate your a** for this ego-driven bullsh*t. Mark my words.”

Others added: “This is weird!! Why do maternity pictures have to be nude these days? Put some clothes on the child at least.

Ciara with her husband, Russell Wilson.
Ciara with her husband, Russell Wilson.

“Why would you have a naked little boy in the pic with a man that is not his father?

“It’s a no for me, not appropriate at all – that’s not Russell’s son.”

However, on Twitter Ciara’s fans were defending her, writing:

Ciara has not yet acknowledged the backlash and Future is yet to share his thoughts on his son being in Ciara and Russell’s family photo.