Cincinnati Zoo's Prematurely-Born Hippo Discovers a Shower

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s prematurely-born hippopotamus discovered a shower during her regular exploration of her space at the facility. The zoo posted video of Fiona enjoying the shower on Wednesday, April 19.

The calf’s morning routine includes getting weighed and then drinking 60 ounces of formula in the kitchen. Her care team then lets her explore the “Fiona-proofed” areas of the building with a chaperone, the zoo said.

She recently walked into the dive room shower and just stood there, so her caregiver turned on the water since hippos like to be wet, the zoo said. She played in the water — much like she did with a sprinkler and a hose — and eventually took a nap while the water was running.

Fiona was born six weeks early in January at 29 pounds, well below the normal 55-120-pound birth weight for hippos, and couldn’t walk. She now weighs 166 pounds and has learned to walk and swim as she prepares for outdoor adventures, a reunion with her parents, and her introduction to the adoring public. Credit: Facebook/Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens via Storyful

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