CITV closed by ITV: Viewers says it's 'the end of an era'

Fans said it's a 'shame' that the children's channel is going

A company sign is displayed outside an ITV studio in London, Britain July 27, 2016. REUTERS/Neil Hall
ITV is closing CITV. (REUTERS)

Viewers have told of their sadness after it was announced that children's channel CITV is being axed, calling it "the end of an era".

ITV is shutting down the channel this year after 40 years amid its "continuing drive to supercharge its presence in streaming".

It will be replaced by ITVX Kids, which the channel called "a new dedicated destination for kids".

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Launching in July, the new consolidated children’s offering will also see ITV taking its approach to six-12s content, streaming-only, from this Autumn.

British television presenter Neil Buchanan of the series 'Art Attack', circa 1990. (Photo by Tim Roney/Getty Images)
Neil Buchanan's Art Attack was on CITV. (Getty Images)

However, the news wasn't welcomed by many viewers, who said it would be a real shame to see CITV go.

"Jeez my childhood is dying," one person posted on Twitter.

Another tweeted: "ITV retiring the CITV name after 40 years and shutting the channel after 17, sad fact is times have changed."

"Can’t believe CITV is ending... it’s the end of a era," said another disappointed fan.

"Damn :( I grew up with CITV," said another viewer.

Teen Titans Go (The Cartoon Network)
Teen Titans Go once aired on CITV. (The Cartoon Network)

Somebody else posted: "Oh this is a shame. I remember when the CITV channel first launched, not to mention just how excited for some shows like Horrid Henry to start."

"CITV rolls off the tongue, ITVX Kids is an ugly name which few will utter aloud, and parents at least will automatically stick with CITV in the way I still automatically stuck with GMTV for years after 2009," predicted another.

One person said that it was a "sad day for linnear TV".

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However, other viewers thought it was time for a bit of a shake-up.

"Let’s be honest, CITV has been dead for years," claimed one person on Twitter.

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