Civic Center to host 'Book of Mormon'

May 14—LIMA — Trevor Dorner is set to return to his home neck of the woods for a performance about traveling all over the world.

One of the stars of "The Book of Mormon," the Toledo native and Ohio Northern University alum said coming back to the area for Tuesday night's performance at the Veterans Memorial Civic Center would be a cool thing to experience.

"I have actually performed at the Civic Center in the ONU Holiday Spectacular, and my last one would have been in 2014," he said. "And I've obviously got family and friends visiting so it'll be kind of like a hometown reunion."

Dorner plays multiple roles in the musical about two missionaries from the Church of Latter-Day Saints and said the audience can expect an extremely funny show with a good message at the end.

"It was written by the 'South Park' writers so throughout, there is all this hilarity and chaos as these two missionaries try to find their way in the world, but through all of that there is this lovely heart of gold at the end," he said. "There is some vulgarity and crude humor throughout, but it ends on this lovely note about people coming together without it mattering what you believe in, as long as you are embracing your community and helping the people around you to live better lives."

Getting to the point of a principal position in the cast of a major touring Broadway show is a big deal for Dorner.

"'Book of Mormon' is a household name and an extremely popular show, and here I am coming from a small town in Ohio," he said. "Touring is such a cool lifestyle. It has its challenges with travel, but it's so cool to go to cities I never would've gone to and bring the show to people who never got a chance to see the Broadway production in their backyards."

Dorner will first be taking pleasure in a small thing as he returns.

"I was actually weirdly excited to get Kewpee for the first time in 10 years since I had it all the time at ONU," he said. "I'm kind of excited to go across the street and grab one during my dinner break."

Most importantly, Dorner thinks the show will deliver great entertainment.

"I don't think we've had a single audience that hasn't completely busted their gut," he said. "But the end is what makes it so successful. It's such a human show with humor and comedy throughout."

For more information on the show, which starts at 7:30 p.m., or to buy tickets, visit

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