‘Civil War’ Posters Mocked as ‘AI Garbage,’ Show Scenes That Don’t Appear in A24 Movie

A24 is coming under fire for posters from its latest film, “Civil War” – in part because they’re not actually from the movie. Social media users are accusing the studio of using artificial intelligence to generate the six posters posted on Instagram.

The posters show several sites in America in various states of destruction. Recognizable landmarks like the Sphere in Las Vegas, Washington Square Park in New York and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco are depicted. But users were quick to notice that something felt off about these posters.

An image of the Chicago river has especially caught people’s attention. The image shows boats full of refugees seemingly going in opposite directions. Also, the two Marina Towers appear on opposite sides of the river in the poster when, in reality, they stand next to each other on the same side. Even more glaringly, the poster that takes place in Miami shows a car with three doors.

“I’m beside myself with frustration to see a studio that supports real artists use s—ty AI to promote such a movie. Bad, bad look. A sad day,” one user wrote on Instagram.

“AI garbage,” another user posted.

“Why do you keep posting these ridiculous AI posters?” a user asked. “Hire an actual artist.”

A24 did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

There’s another reason why these images are being side-eyed: None of these graphic, high-budget scenes actually appear in Alex Garland’s movie. “Civil War” is A24’s most expensive movie to date with an estimated budget of $50 million. However, the visuals shown in the posters would cost double or triple that to produce.

“Spoiler alert, none of this is in the movie,” an Instagram user wrote.

The dystopian film is set in the near future and follows a team of journalists who travel across the United States in the middle of a civil war. The movie stars  Kirsten Dunst, Wagner Moura, Cailee Spaeny, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Jesse Plemons, Sonoya Mizuno and Nick Offerman.

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