Claire Sweeney hits back at 'fat shaming' in magazines


Claire Sweeney has accused a magazine of fat shaming after they accused her of putting on two stone and feeling miserable about it.

The former Brookside star tweeted that she couldn’t believe stories about celebrities’ weight were still used, and called on magazines to be mindful of people’s mental health.

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Flagging up the Bella magazine front page which featured her supposed misery at weight gain, she slammed the decision to pick apart her figure.

Sweeney tweeted: “I cannot believe that in this day and age, mags are still fat shaming. I've been in the business long enough to grow a thick skin, however I worry about those in the public eye who may not be so strong. Particularly relevant on Mental Heath Awareness Week. #nomisery”

Plenty of Sweeney’s showbiz pals rallied round to support her criticism of the story, including TV presenter Gaby Roslin and My Family actor Robert Lindsay.

Roslin tweeted: “Utterly disgusting. Sending love to you @clairesweeney and I want to know why this is still ‘allowed’ I am sorry that anyone is ever spoken about like this.”

Lindsay tweeted: “I can only admire your beautiful generosity in embracing #mentalhealthawarenessweek2019 when you have been so personally assaulted by scum that you are so toweringly above x”

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Presenter Rav Wilding, Emmerdale star Liam Fox, and Benidorm actor Tony Maudsley also jumped to Sweeney’s defence.

Soap star Fox commented: “That is seriously ridiculous!!! Really??? With you 100%.”

Maudsley offered: “We're going for an emergency Chinese at the earliest possible moment!!!”

In 2017, Sweeney dropped two stone and two dress sizes by using a SlimFast plan, cutting back on alcohol, and taking up yoga.

She said at the time she had wanted to get her pre-baby body back and had achieved her results in three months.

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At the time, she told OK! magazine: “I thought you've got a great big belly, big thighs, come on and sort yourself out.

"I thought that's it - I'm going to get my pre-baby body back. It's been five years since I've been this weight."