Claire Sweeney on meeting Liza Minnelli

Claire Sweeney talks to Kate about the first time she met Liza Minnelli and was considered a security threat

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Video transcript

CLAIRE SWEENEY: Anyway, there's a picture of me putting my face, like, angrily smiling next to Liza Minnelli. Liza Minnelli looking at me in horror, and her hand coming in the photo pushing me face out. And me mom, like, taking it on an angle because she can't take photos. And it's this mental picture, right. How life can change in six months. I come home. I leave Brookside to do "Celebrity Big Brother". My career literally explodes. And I meet Liza Minnelli.

And she invites me to her-- to a birthday party for David Gest. And sits me on a table with Jane Russell, Liz Taylor, Lee Zimmerman, who was in Chicago with me. And she comes over. And she's drinking and chatting with us around [INAUDIBLE] Claire [INAUDIBLE] and all this. And I was like, oh, my god. If she only knew I was a security threat six months ago-- So that was a moment for me.

KATE THORNTON: My god, Claire, that's brilliant.

CLAIRE SWEENEY: How your life can change so quickly.