Clapham chemical attack: Victim still sedated in hospital - as GoFundMe tops £40,000

A mother who was severely injured in a chemical attack in south London is still sedated in hospital, family friends have said.

An update issued by the administrators of a GoFundMe page set up for the 31-year-old and her two daughters said that they "still don't know the full extent of damage to her vision".

The post also issued a message of thanks to those who have donated to the fund, which has now raised more than £40,000.

It said: "Every donation, share and comment on this page have been a ray of light during this very difficult time.

"So many of us are struggling financially right now, so seeing over 2,000 of you contribute really means the world.

"Beyond the money raised, knowing the family have so much support in the community will be so powerful for their recovery and helping them feel safe again.

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

It comes as police continue to search for suspect Abdul Ezedi, who is accused of throwing a strong alkali on his ex-partner and injuring her daughters, aged three and eight.

Ezedi is believed to have "gone in the water" around Chelsea Bridge in west London a few hours after the attack in Clapham on 31 January.

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Marine police teams found two "unexpected" bodies in the River Thames over the weekend while looking for him.

Neither of the bodies, both male, were identified as the suspect. Their deaths are being treated as "unexpected pending further enquiries".

The Metropolitan Police believe Ezedi is dead after CCTV showed him leaning over railings at Chelsea Bridge on the night of the attack.

He was last seen on camera just before 11.30pm when as he crossed over the bridge and entered nearby Battersea Park, before then crossing back over the same bridge minutes later.

The relationship between Ezedi and his ex-partner breaking down is being considered as a possible motive for the attack.

On Friday, Commander Jon Savell admitted that Ezedi's body may never be found due to the speed of the current in the River Thames.