Clark County registrar gives update on Nevada vote count

Joe Gloria, the Clark County registrar of voters, provides an update on the Nevada vote-counting process.

Video transcript

JOE GLORIA: Need to remind you all about some deadlines. That's very critical in everything that we're doing here. So the mail can come through until this Saturday, as long as it's postmarked by November 8. And we will continue to pick up mail on a daily basis. We've made arrangements with our main post office.

The cure runs through Monday, which is November 14. So anybody on the cure list, which means we couldn't match their signature to what we have on file, they have until Monday, close of business, in order to get that b allot cured.

Provisionals. The NV SOS needs to send us reports. Those won't come any earlier until next Tuesday, at the earliest, Wednesday at the latest. So we can't count provisional ballots until we've got that report from them. So we're hoping that those will get counted by Wednesday.

And then the canvas is on Friday, November 18. That will be at 1:30 in the commission chambers at 500 Grand Central Parkway.

So a little bit about the daily activity that we're going through here in Clark County to complete our count. We're going to hold a press conference every day to give out new information, new numbers, and give the media an opportunity to ask any questions related to what we're doing to process ballots. The mail will continue to process every day and the cure processing takes place every day as well.

Currently on the website, which is available to the general public, we've got 9,579 people who have been entered into the cure process. Of those, 5,396 have not yet cured their ballot. That number will continue to grow until we're finished processing mail ballots.

Provisional validation will also be going on on a daily basis. Right now we've got-- and that number should not change-- 5,555 provisional ballots that have come in through the early voting and election day period. So we've got staff that are fully focused on getting those processed from now until we report to the Secretary of State. You have to make sure that those voters were eligible to be registered. Once we confirm that information, then we mark that as a ballot that we can count.

Those are electronic. Those are not mail ballots. Those are electronic and recorded on the in-person voting machine.

So the mail that we retabulated today represents the drop-off boxes from Monday that we sorted and put through the system yesterday and the Tuesday United States Postal Service pickup. So we have 14,718 mail ballots that weren't read last night that will go in today. Those will be reported in the evening when we release our new results report on the website.

The USPS pick up for today was over 12,700 ballots. So those are beginning the process of going through the mail, through all of the processes leading through the counting board and then sent over to / that's what we received.

We still don't have the estimate on the drop boxes from yesterday. But I can tell you that there's a considerable amount of drop boxes that we received that had a considerable amount of ballots. But I can't give you that count. As soon as we have that, I will make it available this afternoon.