Clarkson's Farm producer issues season five update

Kaleb Cooper and Jeremy Clarkson
Kaleb Cooper and Jeremy Clarkson -Credit:Amazon

A producer of Clarkson's Farm has revealed whether filming would continue after season four of the hit Amazon Prime show. Earlier this month saw the release of season three where Clarkson engaged in a friendly rivalry with Kaleb Cooper, dealt with Gerald's cancer diagnosis and took on brutal weather.

Clarkson revealed season four was on the way not long after the show's release. He made an appreciative post to fans on social media where he said: "Once again, thank you for all the kind words about the second half of series three. I hope you enjoy four as much," reports MirrorOnline.

Andy Wilman, a producer of the show, discussed what it was like working on the show over the past few years. When the sheep herd arrived at Diddly Squat farm and Kaleb formed a hilarious relationship with Clarkson, those were among the moments when the team saw the real magic of the show, he said. "Those are the moments where you go: alright, we’ve really got something here," said Wilman.

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As season three was confirmed as Prime Video's highest-rated UK original, it's no surprise they were quick to start filming for season four. However, the future of the show remains uncertain as Wilman revealed he and Clarkson 'may walk away' after season four.

Speaking to Deadline, he said: "I’ve no feelings on whether there’s a five or not. Jeremy’s the same. He’s like: 'When we’ve got nothing left to say, let’s walk away'." Wilman's comments come as Clarkson told fans about the fourth series of the show.

Adding to the buzz, he also confirmed filming for the upcoming season will roll out within this year, responding to a curious fan's query about the release window. . One admirer remarked: "One of the best programmes you've created. Not that it takes much creating.

"Your job of simply running the farm and highlighting the issues of British farming makes for excellent television. A superb job you're all doing." Clarkson replied: "You're dead right. It isn't created written or planned. The cameras just film us doing stuff," reports the Express.

News of the fourth instalment has sparked a wave of anticipation among fans, keen to see more of Clarkson's agrarian escapades. A fan said: "Thank you so much for making this show. In America here, even on reality shows it feels like people are fake, but on your show, everyone is so genuine and when I watch you all feel like family, I feel your joys and pains, because of that genuineness. I hope you can make this last."