Classic A24 movies coming to IMAX, starting with Ex Machina

 Alicia Vikander in Ex Machina.
Alicia Vikander in Ex Machina.

IMAX has proven to be a big boon for movie lovers, and now they are going to get the chance to watch some of their favorite A24 movies in the premium format. A24 and IMAX have announced a new partnership that will see classic A24 movies in IMAX for the first time ever, with screenings taking place each month starting in March.

Kicking things off with the first A24 IMAX screening is the 2014 sci-fi classic Ex Machina from Alex Garland which stars Alicia Vikander, Oscar Isaac and Domhnall Gleeson. In addition to the movie, those who attend the screening are also going to get a sneak peek of Garland's next movie with A24, Civil War, which is going to be available in IMAX right away.

Two other screenings have been announced so far: Ari Aster's Hereditary on April 24 and the Adam Sandler movie Uncut Gems on May 22. These screenings are going to continue every month over the next year, according to the official announcement. While we don't yet know all the movies getting the IMAX treatment, there are some tantalizing options, including Best Picture-winner Moonlight, The Green Knight, Under the Skin and more.

More than 300 IMAX locations in the US, and select locations internationally, are going to be taking part in these screenings. Tickets are already on sale for the Ex Machina screening. You can purchase those or tickets for future screenings on

This is not the first time that IMAX and A24 have worked together. Just last year they partnered on the IMAX-exclusive launch of the Talking Heads concert movie re-release Stop Making Sense. IMAX has also done special screenings for The Tragedy of Macbeth and limited releases for Everything Everywhere All at Once, Beau Is Afraid and a 25th anniversary screening of Darren Aronofsky's Pi.

If you're interested in watching these movies but don't necessarily care about seeing them on IMAX, many of them are available on streaming. Max just added many A24 movies to its streaming library, including The Farewell, Good Time, The Green Knight and the 2023 movie Dream Scenario, among others. Paramount Plus also has many A24 movies, including Past Lives.

IMAX has helped draw audiences back to movie theaters with big event pictures like Oppenheimer and Dune: Part Two. So it'll be interesting to see the excitement over getting to see these much-loved A24 movies on IMAX screens.