Claudia Winkleman blindsides One Show host Alex Jones with risqué innuendo during interview

Claudia Winkleman caused gasps on The One Show by ending her interview with an unexpected innuendo.

TheTV presenter and DJ, who will soon leave her Saturday show on BBC Radio 2, was on the series to discuss the impending finale of hit game showThe Traitors, when she left the One Show ‘s hosts and crew in audible hysterics with the left-field remark.

Winkleman appeared on the series, which stars at 7pm GMT, on Thursday (25 January) – one day before the Traitors finale. At the end of their chat, One Show hosts Alex Jones and Lauren Laverne addressed how they would both be watching the last episode.

“I was thinking drambuie with the final – quite Scottish,” Jones said of the whisky while referring to the show’s Scottish Highlands location of Ardross Castle.

In response, Winkleman, who also co-hosts Strictly Come Dancing, said: “Very strong. I’ll be under a blanket with my puppy,” following which she added: “That’s not code.”

Winkleman smirked at the crew members situated behind the camera, who could be heard laughing, with Jones and Laverne also visibly tickled by the quip.

Performatively putting her hand to her mouth, Winkleman continued: “Sorry – are we on?” Jones awkwardly replied: “We are.”

Viewers reacted to the moment online, with TV journalist Scott Bryan writing on X/Twitter: “Claudia Winkleman is ICONIC.”

“She knew what she was doing there,” @MattB1485 replied, with @NoddyTaylor adding: “I truly think @ClaudiaWinkle is my favourite person offa my laptop/projector (don’t own a TV).”

Claudia Winkleman drops cheeky innuendo on ‘The One Show’ (BBC)
Claudia Winkleman drops cheeky innuendo on ‘The One Show’ (BBC)

The second series of The Traitors, ,where contestants must trick and deceive each other for the chance to win their share of up to £120,000, returned to screens earlier this month.

After the all-male Traitors repeatedly “murdered” their women contestants, Winkleman called this aspect of the show “problematic”.

Appearing on BBC’s Woman’s Hour on 17 January, Winkleman was asked why the all-male group of Traitors keep on sending women home and whether the series might have a problem with ageism, since only one contestant over the age of 45 remains.

The presenter, 52, said: “I would like to sit down and have quite a few conversations about it.

“I mean, lots of people haven’t and they’re listening now and they go ‘oh, this sounds all right’ so I’m not going to say any names, but yeah, it’s problematic,” she said.

The Traitors final airs on Friday 26 January at 9pm on BBC One, and is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.