Claudia Winkleman 'sorry' in warning to Radio 2 replacement about item left in studio

Claudia Winkleman on The One Show
Claudia Winkleman issued a warning to comedian Romesh Ranganathan as he takes over her Radio 2 show -Credit:BBC

Claudia Winkleman issued an apology to Romesh Ranganathan ahead of him taking over her Radio 2 slot tomorrow morning over an item she has left behind in the studio. The Traitors presenter, 52, was on The One Show on BBC One on Friday night with Mika to discuss the new series of hit Channel 4 show The Piano, which sees unknown talents show off their skills on the piano at train stations around the country.

But host Alex Jones couldn't resist asking her about departure from Radio 2, and Romesh Ranganathan taking over her slot tomorrow morning (Saturday, April 20). Claudia stepped down from her Saturday morning show in March 2024 after telling listeners her children were "growing up inordinately fast" and she wanted to spend more time with them.

And she sung Romesh's praises on the BBC show, but also issued him a warning about the pens in the studio. Addressing Romesh directly, Claudia said: "So Romesh you know you are the funniest man alive, full stop," before turning to the other guests in the studio and adding 'No offence to anyone, you are also hilarious'.

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Continuing her message to Romesh, she said: "I just wish you enormous luck, you don't need luck. We the listeners at Radio 2 are so lucky to have you. Enjoy it."

She then addressed the offending objects in the studio as she apologised to Romesh, saying: "And sorry about my chewing of all the pens."

Claudia also confirmed she would be listening along to Romesh's first show tomorrow, adding: "I cannot wait to listen to him. I'm going to listen to him when I'm in Manchester [for The Piano]." His show starts at 10am tomorrow (Saturday, April 20) on Radio 2. The comedian will be on air until 1pm.

Announcing her departure, Claudia said: "I absolutely love Radio 2 and it’s been a privilege to host the Saturday morning show for three years. I will miss our amazing guests, our brilliant listeners and the one and only Sally Traffic. The truth is my children are growing up inordinately fast so I have decided to follow them around at home before they leave for good. I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who works on the show, I will continue to visit with badly made biscuits and will pester the bosses to present the odd special. I couldn’t be happier that Romesh is taking over Saturday mornings on Radio 2. He is brilliantly laugh out loud funny, and I’ll listen every single week as my kids beg me to leave them alone."