Cleaner beaches in time for summer swimming

More beaches have had their water judged clean enough for a good swim this summer.

Nine beaches on the south coast have been added to the list of official bathing waters, meaning they have passed strict quality tests.

One of those is in Bournemouth and eight are in Cornwall.

The Environment Agency said 422 of England's beaches are now in this category.

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Helen Wakeham, deputy director of water quality at the Environment Agency, said: "It is wonderful news that more beaches have been given bathing status in time for the start of the 2018 season.

"Water quality has improved at English beaches giving locals and tourists a better experience, as well as benefiting the environment."

There are seven beaches where the agency advises against bathing. They are:

:: Scarborough South Bay

:: Instow

:: Combe Martin

:: Ilfracombe Wildersmouth

:: Burnham Jetty North

:: Weston-Super-Mare Uphill Slipway

:: Clacton