The cleanest and safest Kent beaches to visit this summer - mapped

Spectacular coastline along Botany Bay is part of this 25-mile pathway with so much to see and places to visit on the way
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With the summer holidays now not too far away, many of us will be taking advantage of the county's beautiful coastline over the next few months. In Kent, we are very lucky to have a number of fabulous beaches - you can't really go wrong by choosing to visit any one of them.

However, in a time where the water quality at beaches across the country is facing scrutiny due to sewage spills, it's good to know how safe your beach of choice actually is. And the best way to guarantee a safe and enjoyable time at the coast is by visiting a Blue Flag beach.

Blue Flag is an international award presented to well-managed beaches with excellent water quality. It shows visitors that they are at a clean and safe beach.

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Every year, Keep Britain Tidy announces the winners for England and in 2024 they have given the prestigious Blue Flag award to 72 beaches, as well as two inland bathing spots. Six Kent beaches have, once again, received the award this year - naming them among the best in the whole country.

In addition to this, 16 beaches across Kent have scooped a Seaside Award, which celebrates the diversity of the UK's coastline. You can use our interactive map below to find the nearest Blue Flag beach near you - or to see if the beach you’re planning to head to has won the award.

Of the 74 sites across the country that have been given a Blue Flag award this year, half of the winners are in the South West, with 37 Blue Flags going to the region’s beaches. The East of England has the next most with 13.

That’s followed by the South East with 11, the North East with five, the East Midlands with four, and Yorkshire and Humber with three. The docks in Liverpool is the only place in the North West of England to pick up a Blue Flag.

None of the region’s beaches were given the award.

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