Cleaning expert shares 2p hack to 'deodorise and disinfect' your dishwasher

Loading dishwashers properly means they work better
This hack works wonders, says an expert -Credit:Pexels

A cleaning guru has revealed a nifty 2p trick for keeping your dishwasher smelling fresh and hygienic. Surprisingly, the most effective products aren't always the most expensive or conventional.

The expert, Claire, took to TikTok with her account Sister Pledge Cleans to share her economical solution for deodorising and disinfecting dishwashers. She performs this simple hack weekly and it's incredibly cost-effective, reports the Express.

In a video that has captured the attention of her 36,000 followers, Claire demonstrates placing a denture tablet at the bottom of the dishwasher, near the filter. During the clip, she describes the benefits: "Denture tablets' active ingredients are citric acid and sodium bicarbonate."

She continues: "The water that sits in the bottom of your dishwasher can get smelly so add one of these once a week to freshen and disinfect and keep your filters deodorised."

For those keen to try this hack, a tube of 30 denture tablets costs just 87p, which works out at only 2p per use. Claire's video has amassed 22,000 views and prompted viewers to flock to the comments section to suggest other uses for denture tablets. One viewer shared, "Put one in the toilet bowl overnight, use in the shower drain after each shower."

To which Claire enthusiastically responded, "Yes! Loads of uses for them and so cheap as well!"

Another commenter mentioned: "I use them to clean reusable water bottles."

The item can also be utilised to remove tea and coffee stains from cups. Simply fill the cup with warm water and add the tablet. The mixture should start to fizz, indicating it's working.

Denture tablets can also be used for cleaning Tupperware, unclogging drains, removing burnt food from pans, cleaning grout, and eliminating stains on clothes. Who would have thought there were so many cleaning uses for denture tablets?