Pet dog learns how to use home surveillance camera to beg for treats

In a heartwarming display of intelligence and adorable antics, a dog in Chicago, USA named Pecan has become an internet sensation after her owner captured a video of her waving on a home camera on 25th April, 2023. The footage, shared on social media by user @onegoodnut, shows Pecan seated on her hind legs, diligently moving her front legs up and down as if she were waving to the camera. It turns out that Pecan has cleverly figured out that this gesture prompts her owner to watch the camera feed and reward her with a treat.Pecan's remarkable behavior can be attributed to her exposure to a camera, which her owner uses to keep an eye on her while away at work. Over time, the smart canine has learned that when she waves to the camera, it notifies her owner, who promptly watches the feed and responds by giving her a well-deserved treat. In the captured video, Pecan's persistence pays off as her owner quickly notices her adorable wave and promptly sends her a reward.