Clifton Suspension Bridge latest: Do not approach man on the run after shocking discovery

Avon and Somerset Police completely closed the Clifton Suspension Bridge to all traffic
-Credit: (Image: BristolLive/Paul Gillis)

Avon and Somerset Police has advised that the public 'do not approach' a man they are searching for in connection with suspected human remains found at Clifton Suspension Bridge.

The suspect has now been on the run for around 19 hours, as he had already left the scene by the time police arrived shortly after midnight on Thursday.

Police say he crossed the bridge from the Clifton side and headed off in the direction of Leigh Woods - with officers now searching an area of undergrowth in the woods.

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Updates: Police release CCTV image of suitcases suspect as Clifton Suspension Bridge is closed

Clifton Suspension Bridge suitcase investigation not linked to Jack O'Sullivan, say police

A picture of the man Avon and Somerset Police are searching for after human remains were found in two suitcases in Bristol
A picture of the man Avon and Somerset Police are searching for after human remains were found in two suitcases in Bristol -Credit:Police handout

Chief Inspector Vicks Hayward-Melen has said the man is not believed to be a wider risk to the public - however, anyone who does spot him should call 999 immediately to report the sighting, and should not attempt to approach him.

Meanwhile, anybody with information about the events - no matter how significant they believe it is - is asked to contact Avon and Somerset Police's incident room on 0800 056 944.

What we know so far about the human remains incident

Clifton Suspension Bridge was closed in both directions at around 6.30am on Thursday morning with Avon and Somerset Police confirming at around lunchtime today that they had been called to the Suspension Bridge shortly before midnight last night, to reports of a man with a suitcase acting suspiciously. Nothing could have prepared them for what came next.

By the time officers arrived at the bridge less than 10 minutes later, the suspect had disappeared from the area, but left the suitcase behind. A second suitcase was found nearby a short time later. Police have since confirmed that the two suitcases were believed to contain human remains. One eyewitness has described how the chilling incident unfolded, including an account of seeing the two suitcases with blood seeping out.

The eyewitness, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Bristol Live how he was taking a walk with his girlfriend when he heard a commotion nearby - and said he saw the man running off, shouting in Spanish, as he was pursued by a man on a bicycle. Read the full account here.

Meanwhile, the family of missing Bristol student Jack O’Sullivan have been informed of the investigation into a body being dumped on the Clifton Suspension Bridge, but police have said they do not believe there are any links between the two cases. Read more here.