Climate Activists Spray-Paint Private Jet at German Airport

Members of Last Generation, a European climate-activist group, on Tuesday, June 6, spray-painted a private jet orange and glued themselves to it at the airport in Sylt, an island in northern Germany.

The stunt was aimed directly at Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the organization said. After spray painting the jet, the activists also unfurled banners that read “Your Luxury = Our Drought” and “Your Luxury = Our Crop Failures,” local news reported.

According to local media, in March, Germany’s Left Party chairman Martin Schirdewan called for a ban on private jets flying to Sylt.

Last year, Last Generation caused travel disruptions after some of its members glued themselves to the runway at the Brandenburg Airport in Berlin.

This footage by Last Generation shows some of the organization’s members spraying the orange paint onto the small jet while it sits on the runway. Credit: Letzte Generation via Storyful

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