Climate protester was tackled at DeSantis event in Iowa

A member of Florida Gov Ron DeSantis’ security team brought a protester to the ground at the 2024 hopeful’s campaign event in Iowa.

Videos from Thursday’s campaign event show the demonstrator standing up in the middle of Mr DeSantis’ speech, holding up a yellow banner that read “DeSantis: Climate Criminal” while yelling, “how much money are you taking from oil companies?”

Footage captured the security guard quickly crossing the stage in front of the Republican nominee and tackling the protester. Mr DeSantis appeared alarmed at first as he watched the scene play out.

Once his security guard returned and the protester had been removed, the Florida Republican said, “This is what is wrong with the college system right now.”

He pointed in the direction of where the demonstrator had been and said, “That’s exhibit A.”

Later on, two other demonstrators disrupted the campaign event. One person called the candidate by name saying he “had a question.” Mr DeSantis replied, “Excuse me, I’m doing this…You’re interrupting and you’re being rude.”

The protestor kept pushing for the 2024 candidate to explain his plan to address climate change. Mr DeSantis retorted, “I know you have an agenda. Stop.” This person was then escorted out.

In the third instance, someone charged to the stage and asked Mr DeSantis, “Are your heels padded by fossil fuel CEOs?” This demonstrator was also removed from the venue.

The Sunrise Movement, a nonprofit advocating for political action to fight the climate crisis, took responsibility for Thursday’s interruptions. On X, the organisation wrote, “We’ve disrupted Ron DeSantis’ campaign for the second time in 3 days. Young people deserve a future, and until the caucus, Ron’s future will include us.”

Following the event, Mr DeSantis told Politico: “I’m not going to let these numb-nuts rush the stage or do anything like that, but I mean people that ask, you know, normal, respectful questions, we’re happy to do.”

This isn’t the first time demonstrators have disrupted a DeSantis event — this week. On Tuesday at the Fox News town hall, Sunrise Movement activists held up banners, chanted slogans, and blocked the camera during the event before being forced out.

The Independent has reached out to the DeSantis campaign.