Clintion Building Permits

Apr. 19—April 8

Humane Society, 1473 Main Ave., roof

Kull Homes, 2367 Chancy St., siding

David Tuttle, 340 2nd Ave. N., roof

Suzanne Sper, 231 S 14th St., plumbing

James and Kathleen Rockwell, 503 Melrose Ct., furnace

Edwin and Donna Goddard, 704 Stockwell Lane N, electrical

Timothy and Roxanne Howard, 544 S. 17th St., water heater

Beverly Moore, 504 N. 4th St., water heater

Mark Bailey, 3115 N. 3rd St., water heater

LaMetta Wynn, 322 3rd Ave. N., roof

Isaak Shetler, 2813 N. 3rd St., fence/shed/retaining wall

April 9

B&D 2701 Pershing, 311 N. 5th St., water heater

Steve Stoller, 3006 Cleveland St., electrical

David Determann, 1650 Rockwood Ct., fence/shed/retaining wall

Bradley Jamison, 511 2nd Ave. S., chicken coop

Antonio and Heather Davis, 2702 S. 18th St., fence/shed/retaining wall

Lerup Assets, 204 S. 2nd St., interior remodel

Brayden Miller, 2368 Chancy St., fence/shed/retaining wall, roof

Eagle Point Realty, 746 9th Ave. S., furnace, water heater

Bryon Stolts, 1923 Pershing Blvd., water heater

Wilson Lofts, 217 5th Ave S., interior remodel

K&B Rentals, 549 6th Ave. S., roof

April 10

James and Jean Vicks, 960 16th Ave. NW, water heater

Antonio and Heather Davis, 900 Branden Hills Dr., water heater

Andrew and Jessica Craig, 2220 Pershing Blvd., flat work

Macros Minerva, 422 1st Ave., furnace

Ray Naughton, 716 6th Ave. S., electrical

Jairo Maradiaga, 722 10th Ave. S., siding

Alex Brandt, 2214 McKinley St., furnace

April 11

Nancy Gustin, 930 Oakhurst Ln., roof

Colby Properties, 95 Main Ave., electrical

Michael and Indra Brewer, 1311 9th St. NW, furnace

Edis Fazliu, 1841 Lincolnway, water heater

City of Clinton, 1401 11th Ave. N., electrical

Steven and Sun Riojas, McKinley St., fence/shed/retaining wall

Jodie Hurla, 1449 25th Ave. S., fence/shed/retaining wall

Kevin Buhlman, 2217 N. 7th St., roof

Bruce and Elizabeth Pehl, 1320 Main Ave., roof