Clinton Center deletes controversial post after Epstein filings

The Clinton Presidential Center briefly posted on X wondering to whom former president Bill Clinton sent his first email after his name was revealed in the unsealed Epstein documents.

“On November 7, 1998, Pres. @BillClinton typed out and sent his first-ever email. Can you guess who it was to? #WorldTying Day,” the tweet said from the @ClintonCenter account, according to screenshots circulating on X.

The X post featured a photo of Mr Clinton typing on a clunky 1990s laptop and tagged the Clinton Presidential Library.

The tweet has since been taken down — but it’s unclear for how long it remained on the social media platform before being removed.

The Independent has reached out to the center.

The removed post comes after the former president was among the many high-profile figures named in the unsealed documents related to Jeffrey Epstein. The filings are related to a lawsuit brought by Virginia Giuffre against Ghislaine Maxwell.

Mr Clinton was named over 100 times in the trove of documents. The former president has not been formally accused of or charged with any crime.

Epstein victim Sarah Ransome detailed the alleged sexual relationship between an unnamed friend and the former president, testifying that her friend “had to have sexual intercourse with Clinton in Epstein’s New York Mansion just off 5th Avenue on numerous occasions.” Clinton denies this and any wrongdoing.

The documents also allege that Ms Ransome’s friend tried to come forward about the affair to police, but nothing happened, and “she was made to feel like a dirty whore and a liar.”

The unnamed friend was also allegedly “ruffled…up” by “Special Agents Forces Men sent directly by Hilary (sic) Clinton herself, in order to protect her presidential campaign in 2008.” The woman was then forced to sign a confidentiality agreement to never speak out — as well as a payment from the Clinton Foundation “to keep her quiet,” Ms Ramone testified.

In her testimony, Maxwell said in her testimony that she didn’t think that the former president ever went to Epstein’s private island: “I do not believe he went to that island ever ever, that is an absolute fabrication and an absolute flat out lie.”

Similarly, Joanna Sjoberg, another victim, recalled that Epstein “said one time that Clinton likes them young, referring to girls,” however, she also testified that she had never seen him on Epstein’s island. Clinton says the same.

A Clinton spokesperson told CNN last week that it has “been nearly 20 years since President Clinton last had contact with Epstein” and denied that the former president had any knowledge of Epstein’s crimes.